FUT Hair Transplant

FUT Hair Transplant

FUT Hair Transplant

In the past, hair loss often conjured images of ill-fitting toupees and noticeable hair plugs. Fortunately, modern advancements in hair restoration, coupled with glowing testimonials from those who have undergone hair transplantation, have made this surgery an appealing option for regaining lost hair. If you’re one of the millions struggling with hair loss, having explored numerous remedies to no avail, it’s time to consider a permanent solution like Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT).

Procedure of FUT Technique:

The FUT procedure involves several key steps.

Surgical Incision

A precise incision is made to harvest a strip of skin from the donor area on the scalp. This strip contains multiple follicular units.

Dissection Process

Expert technicians dissect each graft meticulously under high-powered German microscopes


The dissected follicular units, also known as live hair grafts, are implanted into the recipient balding area. Importantly, grafts are exclusively sourced from the safe donor zone, ensuring permanent results.

Why Choose The Regain Aesthetic Clinics for FUT Hair Transplantation in Kolkata?

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At The Regain Aesthetic Clinic, Kolkata, FUT is performed by a dedicated team of expert hair transplant surgeons. Each specialist focuses on specific procedures, ensuring customized and problem-specific treatment for every patient.

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Our clinic offers modern, non-surgical alternatives for hair and skin issues, delivering effective results. If you've been battling uncontrollable hair loss, our experienced hair specialists can provide a simple and effective solution for restoring your healthy mane..

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By choosing The Regain Aesthetic Clinic, Kolkata, you're opting for quality and expertise, ensuring a natural and long-lasting outcome for your hair transplant.

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Schedule a consultation with us today and discover why Reagain Aesthetic Clinic is the trusted choice for individuals seeking the best in hair restoration and aesthetic treatments.

Advantage of fut hair transplant

 FUT is virtually painless, thanks to local anesthesia administered by expert surgeons

Modern techniques like Trichophytic closure have minimized scarring, making FUT nearly scarless.

Post-surgery, there are minimal side effects, easily managed with prescribed medications

FUT efficiently covers larger bald areas in a single session, saving time and resources

Graft damage rates are less than 1% with FUT, thanks to careful handling during extraction and dissection.

What Our Patient Says

punit arya
punit arya
Best place for PRP now a days
sayani ghosh
sayani ghosh
Best experience I ever had
Nahidul Islam
Nahidul Islam
Recently I had my Hair Transplantation from Regain Aesthetic Clinic and the experience was Awesome. They treat their patients like family members and listen every concerns of patients before going for the procedure. The Surgery was very smooth and correct medication was prescribed. All the staffs are very kind and friendly they take care of their patients very well. Special thanks to Dr. T Chowdhury Sir and Dr. Mrinal Sir to make my hair transplant journey very smooth. 100% Recommend .
Riju Das
Riju Das
Excellent Scervice all are very cooperative doctors are also cooperative I impressed
Everything is good
Rahul Sen
Rahul Sen
Today is the fifth month of my hair transplant. My result is satisfying . Hope It will improve more. Thanks to regain clinic team for their help.
Sk Haider Ali
Sk Haider Ali
Highly recommended for Hair Transplant

Frequently asked questions

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No, FUT is generally painless due to local anesthesia.

Patients may experience mild discomfort during recovery, which can be managed with medication.

FUT allows for a higher number of grafts in a single session.

It's ideal for covering large bald areas.

Results are often permanent due to DHT-resistant hair roots.

FUT is most effective for individuals above the age of 25.

Candidates should consult a surgeon to determine suitability based on their specific condition.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) involves individual follicle extraction, while FUT extracts a strip of skin.

FUT typically leaves a linear scar, while FUE leaves tiny, scattered scars.

Recovery typically takes a few weeks.

Patients can resume normal activities after a short downtime.

Common side effects include swelling, itching, and redness, which are temporary.

Serious complications are rare but may include infection or poor scarring.

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