Burn Surgery

Burn Surgery

Treating burn injuries poses a unique challenge, as it involves not only the physical recovery of patients but also addresses the emotional scars that these injuries can leave behind. Even minor burns have the potential to cause deep psychological distress due to scarring. In such cases, plastic surgery becomes a valuable tool for restoring not only appearance but also the patient’s confidence and mental well-being.

Advantages of Plastic Surgery for Burn Injuries

Improved Confidence

Severe burns can lead to disfigurement, causing frustration and a loss of self-confidence. Plastic surgery can restore the appearance of affected areas, significantly boosting a patient’s self-esteem.

Enhanced Sleep

For individuals whose noses or nasal cavities have been damaged by burns, plastic surgery can aid in restoring normal breathing and sleep patterns by reconstructing the nose.

Vision Restoration

In cases where severe burns affect vision due to drooping eyelids or excess skin and muscle around the eyes, procedures like blepharoplasty can correct these issues, potentially restoring lost vision.

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Plastic Surgery for Burn Injuries

This procedure involves cleaning the burn area by removing dead and infected tissue, facilitating the healing process

Skin grafting includes both temporary and permanent options. Temporary skin grafts, known as xenografts, are used to cover wounds temporarily, protecting them from infection and alleviating pain. Permanent skin grafts involve taking skin from another part of the patient’s body and are suitable for partial-thickness or full-thickness wounds, promoting faster healing.

Dermabrasion, often done with laser technology, is employed to reduce the visibility of scars resulting from burn injuries.

In severe cases where wounds are exceptionally deep, amputation may be necessary. Reconstructive plastic surgery is then performed following amputation to restore functionality.

Regain Aesthetic Clinic: Leaders in Adult Burn Care

Regain Aesthetic Clinic is a renowned destination for exceptional surgical care and transformative treatments for adults dealing with burn injuries. Our team of expert surgeons has earned both national and international acclaim for their groundbreaking contributions to the field of adult acute and reconstructive burn care. From the initial injury assessment to reconstructive procedures and scar management, our specialized surgical team is resolutely committed to providing every adult with a burn injury the opportunity not just to survive but to thrive.

Comprehensive Care Team

Our approach to care extends beyond surgical excellence. At Regain Aesthetic Clinic, we understand that the recovery journey following burn injuries necessitates addressing both the physical and emotional aspects of healing. Our dedicated team comprises experienced nurses, social services professionals, care management experts, and physical and occupational therapists, all with a profound understanding of adult care. This specialization empowers us to deliver personalized care that comprehensively caters to the emotional and physical needs of our adult patients.

Objectives of Plastic Surgery for Burns

The primary goal of plastic surgery for burn injuries is to restore not only the physical appearance but also the functionality of affected areas, such as the ears, mouth, or eyes. This process may require several months of preparation to improve scarred tissues. Plastic surgery plays a crucial role in addressing the long-term functional and aesthetic consequences of severe burns.

Types of Burn Surgery We Offer

The most common types of burn surgeries we perform for adults include

Laser Surgery

Precise and effective treatment for burn-related skin concerns.

Plastic Surgery:

Focused on reconstructing and restoring the appearance and function of affected areas.

Reconstructive Surgery:

Tailored procedures aimed at enhancing functionality and aesthetics after burn injuries.

Skin Grafting

 A vital technique involving the transplantation of healthy skin to prevent infection and facilitate healing in affected areas.

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